Editorial design

HOPE ST is an independent publication focusing on broadcasting captivating original imagery in an inclusive and visually engaging way. A unique feature of the publication is the inviting nature of its content which is presented with the right level of editorial flare, ensuring it remains engaging to those unaware of current trend cycles.

A key aspect of the magazine itself is the quality. With it’s intriguing layout and high quality materials, you really feel like you’re touching something special when you hold it in your hands. And it is this desire to be an industry innovator, combined with a strong sense of nonchalant cool, that really sets HOPE ST apart.

Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director Sara Hill
Photo Editor Anette Schive
Fashion Editor Hayley Caine
Graphic design & lettering Anders Gressli
Format 148 pages, 23cm × 29,7cm
Paper Wood­force Silk 120gsm (Text) & 350gsm (Cover)
Typography Whit­ney & Mer­cury + Chron­icle & Gotham for headlines/titles, all by Hoe­fler & Frere-Jones
Publisher Hope St Pub­lish­ing Ltd
Distribution Pine­apple Media Lim­ited
Printers Claro Print