A classical concert series taking place in the Aula at the University of Oslo, and in the beautiful Havlyst Theatre and underground concert hall at Ramme. The connecting factor here is Edvard Munch, who used to live at Ramme. He decorated the University Aula, which the Ramme concert hall is a scaled copy of. The original sketches for the University Aula even decorate the wall at the Ramme hall. As a result, the surroundings complete and amplify the cultural experience.

The whole visual profile is based on the University Aula. I created abstract, blurred versions of the paintings in the Aula room to recreate the dream like state you might experience listening to music. They work as a backdrop for all visual content and brand recognition. The grid used on all surfaces is based on the ceiling of both concert halls.

For this project I created the brand identity, brand guidlines, as well as a wide range of stationery, flyers and digital ads.

In addition I made a customised Squarespace-template, for the concert series’ website.

Aulaseriene was set to launch early 2020, but due to covid-19 the first concerts where rescheduled to summer/fall 2020.