HOPE ST Magazine

Editorial design

HOPE ST was an independent magazine published in 2013–2015. A group of creatives came together to create a publication focusing on broadcasting captivating original imagery in an inclusive and visually engaging way. Our main goal were to showcase new talent, as well as engaging editorial pieces and stories from the art/culture world. The magazine was sold in more than 25 countries worldwide. HOPE ST started out as a printed publication, but was later transformed into a digital platform. In early 2018 HOPE ST was discontinued, in order for the team members to focus on other projects.

Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director Sara Hill
Photo Editor Anette Schive
Features Editor Mona Lisa Maclean
Fashion Editor Hayley Caine
Graphic design & lettering Anders Gressli
Typography Dala Floda by Paul Barnes. Chron­icle & Whit­ney, Mer­cury, all by Tobias Frere-Jones & Jonathan Hoe­fler.
Publisher Hope St Pub­lish­ing Ltd
Distribution Pine­apple Media Lim­ited
Printers Claro Print