A clas­si­cal con­cert series tak­ing place in the Aula at the Uni­ver­sity of Oslo, and in the beau­ti­ful Havlyst The­atre and under­ground con­cert hall at Ramme. The con­nect­ing fac­tor here is Edvard Munch, who used to live at Ramme. He dec­o­rated the Uni­ver­sity Aula, which the Ramme con­cert hall is a scaled copy of. The orig­i­nal sketches for the Uni­ver­sity Aula even dec­o­rate the wall at the Ramme hall. As a result, the sur­round­ings com­plete and amplify the cul­tural expe­ri­ence.

The whole visual pro­file is based on the Uni­ver­sity Aula. I cre­ated abstract, blurred ver­sions of the paint­ings in the Aula room to recre­ate the dream like state you might expe­ri­ence lis­ten­ing to music. They work as a back­drop for all visual con­tent and brand recog­ni­tion. The grid used on all sur­faces is based on the ceil­ing of both con­cert halls.

For this project I cre­ated the brand iden­tity, brand guid­lines, as well as a wide range of sta­tionery, fly­ers and dig­i­tal ads.

In addi­tion I made a cus­tomised Square­space-tem­plate, for the con­cert series’ web­site.

Aulase­riene was set to launch early 2020, but due to covid-19 the first con­certs where resched­uled to summer/fall 2020.